Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's in Family Studies and Human Services Master's in Education

Mrs. Dena Leuci

Welcome to Family and Consumer Sciences! I am excited about my first year of teaching at Samson High School, although I'm not new to the Samson community. After spending 5 years at Samson Elementary School, I decided I wanted to follow this lovely group of current students and encourage (annoy) them through graduation, so here I am! Many of my current students have enjoyed (suffered through) my assertive teaching style through both 3th and 5th grades, and now have the opportunity to continue this journey through high school. It is not just the Samson area teenagers that I like to terrorize - I have four of my own! In my spare time, I enjoy reading and running a local exotic zoo out of my home, complete with moody teens, a clowder of cates, two dogs ( including a Chihuahua accurately named Dinnner), a turtle older than my students, a lizard, a New Yorker husband with a cry louder than a banshee, and a wild, toddler granddaughter that I love with all of my heart.  I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Family Studies and Human Development along with a Master's in Education.

Go Tigers!