• Parent Communication

    4th Grade Level Parent Pack Letter

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

              Welcome to fourth grade!  We are so excited to have your child this school year! We hope your child is excited and ready to embark on an educational adventure with three great teachers for this 2020-2021 school year at GCES. We look forward to working closely with you to ensure your child has continued academic success. We understand that there may be challenges throughout the year. However, please feel free to call us at school, send a note to school or through Remind101 with any questions or concerns. You can also reach us by email. Thank you for your support in making this year a success.  With all of us working together, we feel certain that this WILL be a great year.

    A Little 4th Grade Information


    The Accelerated Reader Program monitors a child’s reading progress. Students will be required to read books within their reading level and take a comprehension test in order to reach their individual goals. We will strive to implement Accelerated Reader clubs as a reward for students that meet the goals. Please understand this may look a little different this year and things may change due to the pandemic guidelines. We will inform you as soon as these changes take place.


    Homework is assigned to students each week to reinforce the skills/concepts taught in each class. Every portion of the homework assignment needs to be completed. If a student misses an assignment within the folder, consequences will be given. Students are expected to bring their homework folder and daily planner to class each day. Each day, students will write homework down that they are responsible for in each subject in their daily planner each day before class begins. Students are to turn in their homework on Friday with all work completed.  It is the student’s responsibility to turn in ALL homework completed.  If a student is absent on Friday, the homework is due first thing Monday morning.  No late homework will be accepted!


    Every student is expected to follow classroom and school rules.  Repetitive conduct or behavior problems will prevent your child from attending activities. We will keep track of student behavior on a clip-chart that will be monitored by each of the fourth grade teachers.

    Our classroom rules are as follows:

    1. Follow all school rules.
    2. Keep hands and feet to yourself at all times.
    1. Always be respectful to others and their materials.
    2. Be Positive: Attitude is a powerful tool.
    3. Be Productive: use class time effectively, listen, and follow directions.
    4. Be Polite: raise your hand, refrain from talking at inappropriate times, stay in your seat, etc.
    5. Be Prepared: come to class on time with necessary materials and completed assignments.

     If there are (2) recurring negative behavior problems during the school day, the student will receive a negative mark on a grade level behavior chart. Any marks throughout the school day will be deducted from their weekly conduct grade, a 5-point deduction. Students will get two verbal warnings. Then, students will receive marks on the clip-chart and consequences that will include: silent lunch, lose some play time at recess, parent contact through Remind101, phone call home, and or a referral to the office.


    Absent students are required to bring a note from a parent or doctor upon returning to school.  If a note is not received within two days, the absence will be coded unexcused. Absences are only excused for personal illness or a death in the family.  All other absences must be approved by the principal prior to the absence in order for them to be excused. When the student returns to school, he or she will have a folder that contains any missed work. It is your child’s responsibility to make sure his or her make up work is completed and turned in within two days of the absence.


    Each week a newsletter will be sent to you via Remind101 for each subject, major tests dates, weekly skills, as well as any upcoming events or holidays. Due to the limited copies, we would like to utilize Remind101 as much as possible. The usage of Remind101 is the most efficient communication between us.


    Parents are encouraged to schedule conferences as they have questions or concerns.  Sending a note with your child, calling, sending a message on Remind101, or e-mailing can be a great way to notify us of a desired conference date. Conferences this school year will happen virtually in a Google Meet session or through a phone conference.  We will respond to your messages, notes and or phone calls as soon as we can.


    All supplies need to be at school on the first day of school. Students cannot successfully complete assignments without the proper supplies. Throughout the school year, your child may need additional supplies in the classroom.  When this occurs, we will send a note on the weekly newsletter.


    It’s important that each student arrives at school on time every day.  If your child is late arriving, he/she must have a tardy slip from the front office in order to be admitted in class.  The dismissal process is equally important, remembering that we are still teaching until time to dismiss.


    We will have recess/lunch every day. Feel free to send in snacks or money to purchase snacks.  However, please do not send any snacks that need to be heated or refrigerated. This also applies for student brought lunches. Students will not be allowed to share snacks/lunches either due to possible allergies.


    You may send a special treat for the class to celebrate your child’s birthday. Please let us know ahead of time if you will be sending a “special treat.”  We ask that if the “special treat” is cupcakes, bring the mini cupcakes to help promote health and fitness. Please note:  Invitations to private birthday parties may not be distributed at school unless every student in the class is invited.



    Due to the pandemic, parents/guardians will be asked to make an appointment with the office staff to visit during school hours.

    Drop off/pick up - Students will report directly to their homeroom each morning. Students will remain in their homeroom class while they are waiting to be called for carline/bus line in the afternoons.


    Transition times - Students will limit movement on campus, unless they are supervised. Paw prints have been purchased and will be placed four feet apart. There will be larger designated paw prints for stopping points. The flow of traffic will be based on the direction of the paw print.


    Recess/PE - Teachers will develop a rotation plan for play and exercise groups. We have three divided playground areas that will be utilized for recess time.


    Class Changes - Teachers will rotate. Students will remain in their homeroom.


    Library -  Books will be sanitized daily. Class sets will be held for 24 hours before they go back into circulation.


    Lunchroom Rotations

    • Pre K will eat in the lunchroom each day
    • Kindergarten 2 classes will eat in, 2 out.
    • 1-5          One class in, two classes out

    *Grade levels will develop a rotation of which classes will eat in the lunchroom, in their classroom, or at the picnic tables.



    • One class at a time (GermX will be provided by the teacher before entering. Wash hands with soap and water before exiting.)
    • Grade level coordinators will work to develop a grade level schedule. The teachers will then determine when their class will visit based on the grade level block.



    • Teachers will be responsible for daily cleaning of classrooms, door knobs, and all common areas within their classrooms.
    • Janitors will clean the restrooms each hour. They will constantly wipe door knobs and handles in the hallway. All classrooms and common areas will be sprayed and sanitized at the end of each day by a custodian.
    • Common areas and equipment will be wiped down after each use.



    • All transportation changes should be requested by the parent/guardian by sending a note or a signed fax/email before 1:00pm. Phone calls can not be accepted for check-outs and/or transportation changes due to safety concerns.
    • Students may not be checked out after 2:00 without the principal/designee’s approval.





    • Two purple car tags will be provided to car riders and one purple car tag will be provided to bus riders at Open House. You can purchase extra car tags from your teacher for $2.00. Our car tag requirements will be strictly enforced after the first week of school. We will give one week for adjustments and routines to be set. Please understand that these requirements and procedures are for the safety of our students.



    • K - 5 drop off begins at 7:20. Please ensure that your child has their belongings and is ready to exit the vehicle prior to entering the carline. This will allow for a steady flow of traffic.



    The school day ends at 3:05. Car line will begin at 3:00. Parents must have a labeled purple car tag issued by their teacher hanging on their rear view mirror before entering the car line. It must be visible when picking your child/children up so that the car line can move quickly.  If you do not have a purple tag visible, you will be asked to proceed to the end of the car line. At that time, you must enter the building to show identification to pick up your child. Please be respectful if asked to reenter the carline. ALL car riders will be picked up from the elementary school. No students will be walked to the high school. If you are picking up a student from the high/middle school and elementary school, we would suggest waiting until the end of the car line. You will not be able to hold up the line to wait on high/middle school students.



    Walkers will be released after the car line is completed. The approximate time for carline completion is 3:15. However, this time varies from day to day. Also, please expect the carline to last longer the first couple of weeks of school. On rainy days, we will hold the walkers until someone can pick them up, unless other arrangements have been approved by the principal.


     Pre K students must be dropped off at 7:45am and picked up at 2:15pm in the front of the elementary school.



    We will let you know as soon as possible if there are any changes that are going to take place this school year. As a teacher, it is very important that we are flexible and patient. It is also important to note that your child’s teacher did not come up with this school plan and we are being expected to follow all procedures and make changes as necessary. We ask that you please remember to be kind, as this is a new experience for all of us, especially the children. Together we can make this school year a success.