• Science/Social Studies



    Grade Level Subject Area Parent Letter-This letter will provide information for Reading and Math. 

    I only teach Science and Social Studies and I have provided you will needed information regarding those subject areas below:

            In Science, students will not bring home a science textbook, notebook or binder. All materials needed for students will be placed in their homework folder under their Science/Social Studies divider. Students will have vocabulary words and notes to study with each unit that is covered within a nine weeks. The words and notes will be provided on their weekly homework sheet. Notecards will be provided for students to assist with studying.  Students will be familiar with the vocabulary words and notes through weekly experiments and projects completed in class. However, it is VERY important that students stay on top of studying to help be successful on their quizzes and assessments.

            In Social Studies, students will engage in a profound learning experience using a standard-based consumable textbook(newspaper). It will take students deeper through primary sources paired with a great online platform. Students will receive a weekly newspaper on Monday’s, unless the week is extended for further learning. This must come back to class with them EVERYDAY. We will read, discuss and highlight important information regarding the weekly topic. Students will have comprehension questions to answer on their weekly homework sheet. This will help as a guide for studying for their weekly assessment. Students do have an online account through Studies Weekly. Students have written down the website, username and password for their account in the front of their daily planner. They may get on their account at home and read through the weekly newspaper. We will utilize the online website in class as well. Students will receive weekly assessments in Social Studies. They will be provided the needed materials to help study to be successful on their quizzes and assessments.  –Mrs. Schuler