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    The local school officials have adopted a policy that allows your child to be excused from public school for the purpose of religious instruction. It is known as the "Released Time Bible Program". 

    This program does not conflict with court rulings since the classes are not held in the school buildings. The school will set up a schedule so that the students will be released from the school for one hour or less a month. The classes will be held in a mobile chapel parked close to the school buildings. Classes will include character qualiities illustrated by stories from the Bible. The released students will be in the care of qualified CBM (Children's Bible Ministries) staff members. The various CBM staff members are from Camp Victory. Many of you have been familiar with Camp Victory through the years. 

    The classes are non-denominational and are open to all children. There is no cost to the school or the parents. We shall count it as a priviledge to assist you in giving your child spiritual and moral guidance through this program.

    We will also give secong grade and up the chance to do Mailbox Club Bible Lessons. These lessons are mailed to children free of charge, and upon completion, children can earn up to $60 off the price of a week of summer camp at Camp Victory.

    In order for your child to attend these Bible classes, your permission is required. A form will be provided upon registartion and again each fall. You must complete both sections and return to your child's teacher.

    For more information on Children's Bible Ministries or Camp Victory, please call (334) 898-7948 or visit our website here.