High School Lunch Menus

  • Students are offered the following 5 itmes every day:

    1. Milk (fat free or 1% milk offered daily)

    2. Fruit (ex- apples, bananas, pears, tangerines)

    3. Vegetable (ex- broccoli, sweet potato, carrots, romaine salad)

    4. Grain (ex- roll, pasta, sandwich bread)

    5. Protein (ex- chicken, hamburger, pork, fish, etc)


    To be a reimbursable school lunch, students must choose 3 out of the 5 food items; one of the food items must be a fruit and/or vegetable.

    All Geneva County Elementary Schools are Offer vs. Serve; this allows for students to select the food itmes they woud like to eat. Kindergarten is the only grade that is not Offer vs. Serve; the cafeteria staff pre-plates their meals.

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