Home Connect

  • You can now view your child's daily progress in Accelerated Reading at any time simply by accessing Home Connect from any computer with Internet access.  Parents and guardians can share the joy of learning with their children by seeing how they're doing and helping them find new books.  Listed below are the student features of Home Connect:

    Accelerated Reader

         * View goals, results of the last quiz taken, and overall progress

         * Find books that have Accelerated Reader quizzes

         * View My Bookshelf which shows the books on which quizzes have been taken

          *You will only see one 9 Week's goal at a time.  

     You may specify up to six email addresses of parents, guardians, or relatives to receive updates of students progress via email.  The recipient must accept the invitation for the notifications to begin.  Emails will be sent automatically by the program and will contain results of any Accelerated Reader quizzes your child completes.  To login to Home Connect use your child's username and password they use at school to login to AR.

    To log in to Home Connect:

    Website: https://global-zone20.renaissance-go.com/studentprogress/homeconnect?t=1218960
    If you have any questions about Home Connect, please send your emails to kinmans@genevacoboe.org or call Sandy Kinman at 588-2923.  



    Home Connect

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