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  • Healthy Choices

    Despite limited budgets, school districts nationwide have been improving school meals and working to teach students to make healthy choices in cafeterias and at home. Many schools are making student favorites using leaner meats, whole grain ingredients, and less sodium or added sugar. All food in Geneva County Schools is baked or steamed, never fried. Students are encouraged to try more fresh produce through fruit and vegetable taste tests and the use of salad bars. Geneva County Schools and the School Nutrition Association know that parents are critical partners in teaching children to make nutritious food choices at school. Learn how you can get involved and support healthy school meals at:


  • Lunch

    Slocomb Elementary provides a hot lunch daily for our students. The prices are listed below. If you think your child should qualify for a free or reduced price, please request, complete, and return a free lunch form.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email Rylla Shields, our lunchroom manager. 



  • Student Prices:

    Breakfast: No charge
    Lunch: Paid $2.25 and Reduced $0.40


    Adult/Visitor Meal Prices:

    Employee Breakfast $1.75 and Employee Lunch $3.00

    Adult Visitor Breakfast $2.25 and Adult Visitor Lunch $3.25

    Child Visitor Breakfast $2.25 and Child Visitor Lunch $2.75

    Special Event Meals, $5.00

  • How do I enroll to pay my bill online?

    1. Go to and register for your free account.
    2. Add your students using their school name and student ID.
    3. Make a payment to your students’ accounts with your credit/debit card or electronic check. A fee of $1.95 will be charged everytime you make an online payment.

    If you have any questions, please visit and lick Help or call MySchoolBucks Customer Support at 1-855-832-5226.