• Elementary Guidance and Counseling:

      • is for all students.
      • is part of the total school program.
      • is designed to facilitate the development of the whole child.
      • promotes self-understanding and self-acceptance in students.
      • promotes positive attitudes toward self, family, and community.
      • teaches decision-making skills, communication skills, and coping skills.

    The counselor will:

      • conduct classes to help students understand self and others
      • work with small groups
      • talk with students about things that might be bothering them
      • meet with new students to help them adjust to our school
      • provide appraisal services which may include testing, observation, and screening
      • explain test scores to parents and students
      • talk with parents and teachers

    Students may see the counselor when:

      • they have good news to share
      • they have trouble with friends
      • they have trouble with schoolwork
      • they have trouble with family
      • they need to talk with someone about something they are afraid to tell others

    Teachers or parents may ask the counselor to see a student.

    Students may ask their teacher for permission to see the counselor.