• Geneva County School System




    Medical Sign



     Nancy Tindell, RN

    Lead Nurse



    Becky Birdsong






    District I                     Mary Langford

    District II                    Jonathan Eubanks

    District III                  David Schutz

    District IV                   Derek Warren

    District V                    Martha Windham

    Attorney                      Spud Seale





    * Students will not deliver medications to the school.

    * Students may self-medicate when they have met the criteria for self-administration.

    * Students who have doctor’s orders to have medication on their person, i.e. Asthma    inhaler or Epi-Pen, will not share medication with other students.

    * Students will notify their teachers/school personnel at the onset of any distress or    allergic reaction. The student will know where medication is kept and be familiar with personal action plan.




    Q.   Why should parents/adult designee bring student’s medication to school?

    A.  The Geneva County School System does not want to place any child in a situation where they may be confronted for drugs.  This also prevents medications from being tampered with, or shared with other students.


    Q.   Why can’t my child keep his/her medication?

    A.  To protect all children from taking medication belonging to another child—no child may keep medication on their person at school. The only exception would be Epi-Pens, inhalers or like  emergency treatments, with proper documentation.


    Q.   Why does the school require a prescription labeled container and a form with the physician’s orders and signature each school year and with each medication change?                

    A.  This provides another safety check to be sure the medication is correct and urrent, so it may be properly dispensed school staff.

     Q.  Why can’t I write on my child’s prescription bottle?

    A.  Prescription bottles can get smeared and become difficult to read. It is never a good practice to write on a prescription bottle. If a new dose or time is ordered, it is best to ask the pharmacist for a new label.

     Q.  Why does the school need to count medication?

    A.  This keeps the parent and school personnel informed of the amount of medication the school has on hand.


     Medication Quick Facts:

    • All medications, prescription and over-the-counter, must be brought to school by an adult and signed in with the nurse.
    • Medication cannot be accepted by school staff without a completed Parent-Prescriber Authorization Form (PPA).
    • PPA forms for medications must be updated annually.
    • Students cannot keep medications on person without physician and parental consent, and must have a PPA on file.